The Monday Club was special to those men who worked as butlers, cooks, coachmen, janitors and chauffeurs for the wealthy people in the city of Wilmington and the surrounding suburbs.


To maintain a quality facility where members can gather, socialize, offer support to one another, and satisfy their responsibilities as leaders and role models in the community.

About The Monday Club

THE MONDAY CLUB is the oldest Black Men's Social Club in the State of Delaware. It is believed to be the oldest in the United States. The club was started in 1876. In those days the Black men of the community would stop in a hotel at Front and French Streets for some small talk and a few drinks on their day off—Monday. Monday was special to those men who worked as butlers, cooks, coachmen, janitors and chauffeurs for the wealthy people in the city of Wilmington and the surrounding suburbs.

The members purchased their own building at 917 French Street, and named it the Monday Club. In 2001, the Monday Club sold the 913, 915 and 917 French Street location and relocated to 4020 New Castle Avenue. The corner-stone date of 1896 marks the year the first charter was granted from the state of Delaware. The club members acted as an employment agency for the wealthy families of Wilmington and surrounding areas. The experienced members of the club instructed fellow members on how to serve large and small dinners and to prepare food attractively for parties, the training enabled others to obtain employment.
Incorporated and granted a charter according to the laws of the State of Delaware, November 4, 1893, for a period of twenty years. 

The Charter Committee as follows:
A. G. B. Anderson
William H. Till
Walter B. Glasgow
John Mason
Burnside E. Anderson
John H. Benson
Hiram Colder
Some Past Notable Monday Club Members
Hon. Herman Holloway, Sr.
Louis L. Redding, Esq.
Patrick Walker
Herb Norris
Honorable Dr. Al O. Plant 
W. Kennedy Ayers
Dr. W. W. Goens
Sidney Clark, Esq.
Granville l. Brewington 
Edward R. Bell
Madison H. Evans 
Bus Hopkins
James Gilliam, Jr.
James H. Sills, Jr. 1st Black Mayor of Wilmington, DE
In 1893, another tradition was established, the Easter Monday Ball. It was always held on Monday, because that historically was the day that the members had off. The Ball is now held in June and over 500 persons attend. At the Ball, the Monday Club Man of the Year is named. Members who feel that the individual has been an outstanding contributor to the club and community in the past year select the Man of the Year. The winner's name is kept secret until the night of the ball.
Today, the members are no longer just butlers, cooks, coachmen, janitors and chauffeurs. Our membership today includes Black men who are employed in a multitude of various professions. Although the Monday Club is a private social club, its members accept their civic responsibility by providing financial assistance and human services for all worthy causes. Memberships available are: Regular and Honorary. The most honored and distinguished group of members are those who have been a member thirty or more years.
Community Service Activities
Glaucoma fundraiser Feeding the Homeless
Scholarships to area youth Health Screening Workshops
Mentoring youth baseball and football leagues Tutoring
Monday Club members have created Golf, Billiard and Chess clubs, which continue to be active today.


Chris Joyner, 
Kendell Mobley, 
Irving Bell, 
Hollis Saunders, 
Financial Secretary
Jordan Hines, 
Recording Secretary
Marion T. Wright,
Member at Large
Dave Jones, 
Member at Large
Emmitt Poon, 
Member at Large


House Chair
Robert Oliver

 Membership Chair
 Hollis Saunders
Facilities & Management Chair
Gary Carroll
Entertainment Chair
Darryl Stone
Constitution Chair
George Winston

Scholarship Chair
Eugene Lambert

Security Chair
 Officer David Jones

Ball Committee Chair
 Kendall Mobley

 Technology Chair
Ed Smith 

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